When Kuya O arrived 2 months ago he gave me Kamaboko packs as presents from Japan. Kamaboko is a type of cured surimi (imitation crab/fish) or processed white fish…I like putting them in soups and yakisoba.  He got me aka (red) and shiro (white) plus the rarely found in Vienna, naruto – it means swirl, yes the food where the Ninja character  Uzumaki Naruto was named after. If you are watching that anime you will notice the pink swirl below in many of the costumes worn by the characters,it is in reference to “naruto.”
For the naruto kamaboko, I used them with a favorite soup at home, crab and corn. I also made use of them as side dishes in a ramen recipe which I will post later on. If you want a recipe for this crab and corn soup, please click here.