The Dukan diet weight loss plan is a two year old online phenomenon that is made up out of several easy-to-follow concepts. The creator, Pierre Dukan, has been working as a nutritionist for over thirty years and is the author of 19 books published throughout his career. One of the most interactive and personal online dieting experiences the market has to offer, you can track your progress, check out new recipes and set goals for the future with the Dukan diet.

Protein in 100g = 26g

There are four Dukan diet phases. The first is Attack which comprises of 72 protein rich foods combined with extensive exercise in a brief and impetuous life changing outbreak. Following this is the Cruise phase which is designed to allow you to reach your True Weight (calculated by taking into consideration your ideal and perfect weight) at a reasonable pace. This phase works by alternating between pure protein days and protein and vegetable days.

The next phase is called Consolidation as that is exactly what it does; it consolidates your True Weight so you can become comfortable with yourself and how to manage your new self before the final stage and returning to a balanced diet. It is almost as if you are ironing out those few remaining creases before folding it up and putting it into storage, the storage being the Stabilisation phase. This final phase is the easiest yet most important as much more often than not, people who lose weight gain it shortly after their diet has ended.

At each stage, you are introduced to a wider variety of the Dukan 100 foods. These are the foods you can eat as much as you like of. More recently, the idea of eating a few tablespoons of oat bran a day has been promoted at each part of the diet as it is proven to lower cholesterol as well as aid weight loss through intestinal caloric loss. There are many different recipes to try with all of the 100 foods making it difficult for you to get bored with any repetitions.