Savoring Slovak Cuisine at Restauracia Prasiatko

^Bratislava ist bunt. (Bratislava is colorful.) photo by hubby

Bratislava and Vienna are perhaps the only capital cities so near each other (Bratislava=Slovak Republic, Vienna=Austria). Just one hour apart! Bratislava is part of the ten countries where the Danube River flows, that’s why cruising from Vienna to Danube is very convenient. However, the same could be said for a train ride – at 15€, you can get to Bratislava in an hour inclusive of a 3-day train ticket around Bratislava, what a steal! (Edit 2018: Nowadays, you can also avail of 5€ and 1€ bus rides).

So off I go to tour the city with hubby and 3 other friends. We set off at 9 and it was enough for us to tour the city, hike up the Bratislava castle and even visit the Devin castle and be back in Vienna at 6 in the afternoon.

It was a bit puzzling that we never got hungry so easily – we ate lunch around 15.00 or 16.00 already, I think. But, thinking back we had breakfast when we arrived at 10 and had bagels. We saw a Sbarro somewhere while on our way to the Bratislava castle and agreed we’ll eat there, we haven’t dine in Sbarro for years!

Unfortunately, or not, Sbarro has closed out already – we didn’t notice the sign earlier so we looked for another restaurant to dine in. And we saw a local restaurant by the side street, cozy offering al fresco dining. The restaurant serves traditional Slovak cuisine – home-cooked describes their menu best along with other international dishes. Truth be told, I didn’t research on Slovak’s national dish so I won’t be able to present those today. One of their national dishes, Bryndzové Halušky (English: potato dumplings with bryndza sheep cheese and bacon), is actually on the menu….(Sayang!!)

Pepper steak @prasiatko
Steak with Pepper sauce

Hubby and I shared a plate of beef steak with pepper sauce. That’s 200g of buttery, soft steak bathing in rich, smooth pepper sauce, served with roasted potatoes along with sauerkraut and side salads. There are actually two pieces of the steak but I badly took a shot…and of this I only ate half of one. ^_^ (Reason that I can’t be a good candidate for an eat-all-you-can type of restaurant!)

bits of chicken – tastes like afritada

Kuya O had a chicken meal – Spicy Chicken soté PIKANT – it wasn’t as spicy (he let me took a bite for the sake of this blog). The dish reminded me of a Filipino dish called afritada  but instead of  having the dishes cooked with the sauce, they were on the plate as a side dish -roasted potatoes, bell peppers and such. The rice appear to be very scanty but that’s actually a lot(it must’ve have been the framing that makes it look small). Our other friends both had a chicken dish but I didn’t get to try those. Shame! (lol)


Lastly, we had strudel for dessert – I had wanted to try each of their strudels but our server left too soon so we all had poppy seed strudel. (The Slovak republic is famous for its poppy seed roll.) Soft-baked strudel filled with a combination of butter, sugar, warm milk, poppy seeds and all the secrets a sweet-toothed foodie would drool for. Just the perfect finish for a hearty meal!

Prasiatko means piglet in Slovak, thus a piggy figure stands outside the restaurant.


Rybárska brána No. 8
Bratislava – Staré Mesto
Tel.: 0254 777 333


interior photos on their website: