Rarely, as mentioned earlier, do I get to go out with a friend who could accompany me around the city in the mornings. When I do, I would end up eating with her or with him somewhere. One of my favorite spots to have tea and some sweets is at the Vienna Marriott Hotel. So what’s with all the walking and sweating when you are bound to gain a few more pounds after enjoying a slice of heavenly cheesecake? I believe, it’s the time spent that matters.

clear cup
my clear cup waiting for Morgentau tea

Most of the time, I get tea. Well, every time. Sweet and nostalgic they may, coffee isn’t for me. 🙁 I still try every now and then especially if tea’s not offered. Among the selection that the Garten Café offers, I often take the Oreo Cheesecake or the other cheesecake, double chocolate. ^_^ They also offer traditional Viennese Apfelstrudel which comes with vanilla ice cream on the side, tiramisu, black forest cherry cake and other yummy treats…each a slice of heaven.

Will often dream of this heavenly oreo cheesecake slice.
Apfelstrudel + vanilla eis, oreo cheesecake and my little date somewhere (son 2).

I’ve not yet tasted a lot of cheesecakes, known around the world. Sometimes, I bake it myself but, I can not really compare it with what other foodies rave about yet I’m sure, the one at the Garten Cafe will fare well. Decadent in every bite, you would want more wanting to discover its components in every bit. Makes you forget about your workout and have it as a staple everyday…Continue Reading…