It’s like I’ve been posting mostly Japanese dishes and I can’t help it too! My good friend, now based in Cali, whom I haven’t seen for 9 years came home too and she also enjoys salmon and sushi…So we had our grand reunion at Yakimix Chowfun, Mall of Asia…having no idea what they serve, I thought this is mostly about drinks, mixing drinks…I was relieved to see a cooktop grill on the table. 🙂 Yaki is apparently the japanese word “grill.”

They serve Chinese dishes from sweet and sour to noodles and Japanese cuisine, both raw and cooked buffet style…well, you get to cook and that’s the more exciting part of it!

As courtesy, I started off with miso soup, separately served from the chinese hot soup. You can put your own choice of tofu, green onions and wakame. So I did mine the same way I cook it at home.

The grilling could wait, I was a bit late along with some friends so we took turns filling our plates with sashimi, maki, temaki and most of all my favorite, beni-shouga (lol). Everything tasted good except for the unagi (eel) maki which is too salty for me.

bacon rolls

(Vegetable-filled bacon, kobe beef slices, tofu and welsh onion)

There was an assortment of meats to choose from; beef, pork, chicken; korean-spiced, soy-flavored plus a lot of veggies too! I had a plate full  because I was tasked to do the grilling…lol. Seconds after the attendant turned on the grill, I was in action, putting in slices of meat after the other, salmon and veggies and what my chopsticks got in between. Thank goodness it was a smokeless grill!

sweets and dragonfruit

The best part of the meal is unquestionably, dessert…A combination of specialties from Red Ribbon and Goldilocks I presume…Ube Macapuno roll, blueberry cheesecake, dragon fruit, melons and these colorful marble chocolates (which we have fond memories of back in highschool) were all in my plate. Needless to say,  nothing was left 😀

Yakimix has an ice cream station which I wasn’t able to try. They serve Selecta local flavors and premium and on the side would be your ice cream additions station; marshmallow, chocolate bits, candy sprinkles and m&ms! A haven for those child at heart (like me!).


A friend’s plate of chocolate slice with candy sprinkle and marhsmallows, cheesecake with m&ms and fruit tart.

A very appropriate place I must say, the place is big enough for groups of people dining together. They also have tables outside so you can enjoy good food with a fresh breeze. I can’t speak for the price though since this was Catt’s treat (lol, thanks!) but I’ve read reviews and they said that it is by far cheaper than other buffets around town.

Oh, I forgot to mention the blue refillable lemonade! lol. See, pretty isn’t it? It’s not difficult spotting me here as I mentioned earlier I was tasked by my late comrades to grill. 😉 Let me take back what I said, the best part would be taking photos and reliving memories of decades-long friendship….

fun yum!

Yakimix Chowfun
Unit 122-126 Ground Floor
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
(0063-2-836-1535 )