(Laing, taro leaves in coconut milk)


One of the places inevitable to visit when coming back home is Tagaytay. We are 20 minutes away from the Rotonda… 😀 It’s like, visiting and seeing Taal volcano is a must! lol.

So we had a sumptous meal at Leslie’s…it was the usual foggy day though it still wouldn’t compare to the cold of 23 years ago…when I was 6 years old and we still wear thick jackets when strolling there.

look alikes

The nipa-hut style interior of Leslie’s is reminiscent of my dad…we had this kind of business back then and when I got married he told me if I’d want it, he’ll have a house made for me just like this…a modern bahay-kubo. Had we been living there, I wouldn’t say no to his offer. Though I’d also prefer an open patio with a view of the Taal just like that at Leslie’s. With fresh breeze kissing your cheek while having your hot bulalo soup or simply passing the time away with a good book…priceless.


We started off with the bulalo. A family favorite especially when mais is included. On that foggy afternoon, the warm, salty-sweet soup was a soothing relief…just when we were starting we were serenaded by the resident singers,  first with their own choice of song then on cue of our requests. The kids sang along “Close to You,” one of the few songs they have learned lately.

chicken bbq
chicken bbq

The chicken barbecue, notice the lovely color, was really good! Served with fried rice, I had this more than I did the other dishes. One, because my taste buds are not build for spicy food like the laing on top…though I do like Laing, I find this too spicy for me 😀 So hubby had most of the laing instead hehe.

prawns in yummy sauce

Hands down to this sizzling sugpo plate! I had long wanted to have anything sizzling since we arrived but never had the chance until then. Made me think what have I been doing not eating what I want to?!? I did promise myself that I would visit all the foodie bloggers’ recommended joints! 🙁 I guess bringing sizzling plates back to Vienna, ain’t a bad idea after all….

leche flan
leche flan

For dessert, which took longer to be served, we had Leche flan, it was nice…just the exact sweetness and smooth taste on the palate…I mean because my mom makes the perfect Leche flan, I tend to compare. She would always make those that would melt in your mouth but you can’t wait to put another yet you still want that taste and feel to linger hehe…I had always wanted to learn how she does that!

We also had grilled Tilapia…it was served on banana leaves but we didn’t touch it. We took it home along with other leftovers. Funny, the Bulalo was in a plastic bag (lol) instead of a plastic container!  Doesn’t matter though since it isn’t so far away from home.

little H

The view on the open patio was too foggy. We had to wait for the clouds and fog to clear to be able to take a photo of the Taal volcano. The food was a little pricey to say the least but it was worth it, taking a breath of good air,  eating good food and a good view to boost too!

Leslie’s Restaurant
Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City
(63 46) 483-1065

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