Photos for this post were from my phone.
Wiener Schnitzel, Vienna’s trademark dish (yes, it’s not the Vienna sausage)…is a favorite of my kids. Traditional Wiener Schnitzel is made of veal and this is protected by law…Since the emergence of Schnitzel from pork and chicken, restaurants should identify this is their menu, thus Schnitzel from pork is Schwein Schnitzel and Schnitzel from chicken is Puten Schnitzel.
This dish is cooked like tonkatsu (Japanese) or milanesa (Mexican)….or cordon bleu sans the ham and cheese; meat, coated in flour then eggs then breadcrumbs. The kids love this served with pommes frites  (french fries) and a sprinkling of lemon.
Some weekends ago, when spring was having itself felt, we went to the Leopoldauer Alm XXL. The owner identifies it as a Lokal – loosely translated as saloon/restaurant but it has the Heuriger (tavern selling homegrown wine) appeal to me. The traditional wood-look and wood tables are very Austrian.

The inside was very charming but we decided to dine al fresco, we just can’t resist the sun shining outside.



For this trip I used another discounted deal I got from Dailydeal. I got an 11,90€ (17.62$) deal for the value of 28,50€ (42.21$). The meal is for two and includes 2 XXL-Schnitzel (500g), all-you-can-eat sidedishes und 2 Schnaps (which I didn’t get by the way and won’t since I was with the kids). As you can see from the above photo, the portion was too big, exceeding the plate, which itself is not the normal plate we use at home.

potato salad


The sidedishes given were potato salad and french fries, I love potato salad with Schnitzel so I did finish this whole serving, we were given two which were really big servings. Good thing we are allowed to take home leftovers…even those on the other table were taking theirs home….just too much! We gulped everything down with iced tea (no Schnaps!).

It was all in all a lovely experience despite my usual complaint. The servers were not as friendly at first as they later on will be. The kids were expecting to find kois at what appears to be a small grotto at the corner but there wasn’t any. I think I have a recipe of Wiener Schnitzel posted but I’m not to sure so for today, I’m sharing a recipe of Cordon bleu which is cooked similar to this dish sans the ham and cheese inside. Click here if you want the recipe. Thanks!


Leopoldauer Alm is located at the border of the 21st and 2nd district, near the shopping area we frequent for furnitures and home supplies.

Leopoldauer Alm XXL
Wagramerstraße 205
1220 Vienna