Checking Czech Cuisine

Just behind the big St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague is a beautiful Royal Garden where bridal shoots could be an everyday sight.  There was one when we went by. There’s also a small homey restaurant that doubles as a cafê  by the entrance. Since the kids were a bit tired walking, mom-in-law suggested that we go check out the church while they and the kids have some drink and rest. We’re supposed to be back there and have lunch. So hubby and I went paparazzi-ng around…We were back around 1pm, the kids were already having their breads.

Bread Basket

Since Czech cuisine has been influenced by surrounding countries, it is not surprising to see Sauerkraut and Knödel (dumplings) on the menu. We were happy to have a complimentary bread basket with garlic butter spread which the kids happily munched on — mind you even after they’ve finished eating they asked for some more because they so like the spread.

Checking Czech Cuisine
Newspaper Menu, Apfelstrudel


I love the newspaper style menu, just had to take a photo. We chose to dine al fresco, though it wasn’t really a hot day. I wasn’t able to see the interior of the restaurant so I took a lot of photos were we where. From there, I could listen to chitchats of words I don’t really understand…a local, a Korean, some other language I presume to be a Slovak dialect.

Hubby can’t help but connect to the free wifi by the restaurant. We’re having trouble connecting while at the hotel so he was maximizing the use of it there. lol. We truly are “press button” dependents now. 🙁

I intended to have only the Prague ham on the bone with apple horseradish and arugula/rucola—which was just an appetizer. I was still full from the hotel breakfast and I know this would suffice. Hubby however ordered their Marinated beef tender with a variation of homemade dumplings and cranberries for me.

czech cuisine
Oil, Prosciutto

So while waiting, I did some more shooting here and there, even of my Captain Awesome pressing buttons. ^_^ Click, click! The ham arrived, and I dig in immediately…totally tasty, tender! Rucola is my favorite greens at the moment and it definitely went well with the ham.


checking czech

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What I had is traditional Czech; braised beef, usually larded, with a thick sauce of carrot, parsley root, celeriac, and cream. This dish is often served with Knedlíky, chantilly cream – that immaculate white goodness with a teaspoon of cranberry compote in the middle. The dumpling is actually the same as Viennese Serviettenknödel.

The meat was utterly tender you’d just love to defy the rule of not playing with food. It’s like every mouthful makes you want to dig on the next yet you still want the last to linger. The sauce complements both the meat and dumplings so perfectly…that days after coming home I was searching for that same sweet, creamy texture from restaurants here. I have a fondness for cream and lingonberry jam on such sauces so the Knedlíky was like cherry bonus for my meal. It was one of the best meals I had this year.

Hubby had the Beef goulash „Krušovice” with bacon dumplings – I need to look for my photo of it. 😀



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