Gone Greek


The top three countries on my list to explore would be Japan, Greece and England. Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed Japanophile, Grecophile and Anglophile. ^_^ And although we plan on visiting London come summer, I am not so sure if it will happen. We also planned on a cruise that would go around Greece or some islands but we have already booked a number of Italian cities so that might also be scratched off our list. :/

japanese garden
Setagaya Park

Some days ago, I found myself visiting the Setagaya Park – a Japanese garden in Vienna’s luxurious 18th district. I was accompanied by my visiting Japanese friend, so it’s like showing him my-so-called “bits of Japan in Vienna”. Some of the cherry trees are still in bloom but the magnolias were truly magnificent that time.

At ??????
cozy, at Orpheus

After some walking, photos here and there – we went to a lunch that we have agreed since – a Greek restaurant in the first district called Orpheus, because I believe that one can travel through food and that one cannot enjoy a city without trying the food it is known for. I had earlier asked a friend – he is Greek (well, half) – what would be best to have as I often ate gyros, souvlaki and moussaka from previous dine-ins. He suggested I go for mixed grill, pitas, salads, tzatziki – an appetizer also mostly used as a sauce for other dishes, and lots of appetizers…hhmmm.

So heed his advice, I did. Orpheus is not hard to miss, located very near St. Stephen’s Cathedral, you walk by the second street to the left opposite the building with the big Zara store…for around 7 minutes or less, you will see an elegantly designed restaurant – al fresco dining provided, brown and turquoise leather seats, mirrored walls, lovely chandeliers and most of all – you’d be greeted by a friendly crew.

platter of appetizers @orpheusvienna

We were actually served complimentary bread while waiting for our dishes. A plate of appetizers followed – zucchini, flogeres (sweet cheese filo rolls), and a kind of filled dumpling served with tzatziki, humus and taramosalata (carp roe dip). This alone would make you feel full! 😛

So I had the mixed grill platter! Awesome, I’d say…shrimp, calamari, octopus and mussels served with curry rice and edible wild herbs along with some salad. Every spoonful is a memory of me having freshly caught produce straight from salty waters grilled by the seashore – the sea breeze and the smell of smoke wafting deliciously from the charcoal!

Grilled Calamari
Grilled Calamari among a wonderful yummy plate

Kuya O (Japanese friend, well sort of) had the Lamb Souvlaki. The term, a diminutive of Souvla means little skewers. His dish was served with vegetables and tzatziki. It was phenomenal too! (We did have a taste of what we had, trying to be foodies haha).

Being talkative does have it’s advantages and the opposite – we were so talking a lot that one of the servers took Kuya O’s plate thinking we finished already…lol! I couldn’t help but laugh at how he reacted. Like this: Ö – totally surprised!

Lamb Souvlaki -orpheuswien
Lamb Souvlaki

We were so full that we weren’t able to get dessert…I had wanted for Kuya O to have Baklava but he refused profusely!

Orpheus is a must visit restaurant in Vienna. The prices are really worth it – if not actually cheap, the food is really great, the ambiance is really cool too and the staff is really friendly, ready to teach you a Greek word or two if you ask. I’m sure I’d see more of this restaurant in the coming days – especially before summer ends.



Spiegelgasse 10, 1010 Wien, Austria

+43 1 5123888  · orpheas.at