If there is one thing raw that I can’t eat, it would be onions. 😛 The pungent smell adds to how the onion tastes…perhaps when I eat it while holding my nose it would taste different. 😀 I do know though that onion and garlic are quite beneficial for a number of reasons. They help you detoxify and lose cholesterol (!).

So in line with my “long battle” against the “lifebouy,” I am putting them into my daily eating life.


This is salmon and low fat cream cheese bagel I had for lunch (@2,90euros)…the ensemble includes arugula and lettuce as well. The whole package in a bagel made the in betweens, especially the cheese fall off…(lol) but it was a tasty and filling one. I had my bottle of banana-pineapple juice with it, fortunately on sale as of the moment (from 4 now down to 3euros) at my favorite supermarket, Merkur.

I hope to keep my eating on check, aside from the belly dancing class I took and the Wii Fit sessions, this is a routine that I would want to stick to for a long time.


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