Late coffee

After daughter’s theater performance, which ended a few minutes shy of 10 o’clock, we walked to Karlsplatz to look for some quick bite. Vienna’s first district tends to be crowded even on a Thursday night. There’s theater performances to watch, opera shows to enjoy and music recitals to listen to. Afterwards,a  coffee or tea with friends is perfect to cap the night off.

kids night
finding their way

There’s a number of restaurants around Karlsplatz and we really didn’t have the luxury to choose as it’s running late, kids got school the next day. We entered an Asian restaurant at a corner (senior moment here, can’t remember what the restaurant’s name). The joint offers mostly Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Talk about sushi, maki, spring rolls, noodles, vegetable dishes, tofu, grilled meat, seafood.

The place, well-lit,  has a very clean, friendly atmosphere. There’s separate areas for smokers which added plus points for me who avoids cigarettes.


So we just had futomaki, spring rolls, salmon maki and crispy chicken wrapped in almonds (not in photo). The futomaki we had had cucumber, pickled radish and surimi. The spring rolls are the ones you buy ready to cook from a box, I hoped they made something fresh and original. The salmon maki were how you’d expect them. I didn’t get to taste the chicken…that looks about good to munch on too…

Light? Not really but it’s not the normal meal we would have on other days. Giving this restaurant another try the coming days, probably order house specials than small meals.

spring rolls

All 14, mine! :)futomaki

looking up