I miss joining Foodtrip Friday…here’s my comeback entry for the meme.

McCafe introduced this year 4 cupcake selection that the kids and I love. If blackforest cherrycake, caramel cheesecake or tiramisu are sold out we settle for these yummy treats. Unlike the usual cupcakes around, these are softer, like chiffon and doesn’t  break apart…To choose from would be Strawberry Yogurt, Blueberry, Chocolate and Caramel. These are only three of them since I either forget to take a photo or the kids are too fast, the törtchen are gone when I remember I should take a shot. ^_^

Son1’s choice, strawberry-yogurt icing with crunchy candy bits.

Daughter’s favorite, caramel syrup and choco bits on top.

Little boy’s chocolate cuppy with icing partly eaten.

Just recently they introduced Cinnamon Star — hint of cinnamon on icing and base, well the star is a decor.  ^_^