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I am having a total memory gap at the moment, I can’t remember where and when we ate on some days so I’m just throwing everything in here. Morning started with the pistachio and chocolate scones I got from Harrod’s and coffee for him tea for me. Great, awesome start to a day. The pistachio ones leaned more to the side of a cronut, which is good, and the chocolate ones were not as firm as I thought, it was easier to bite than the ones I make at home (lol).


london, king cross station
King’s Cross railway station

I’m not into Harry Potter, so when H asked that we go to King’s Cross station, I knew he would want to take photos at the famous platform. So we went, took some photos after getting in line for a time (and I mean time). Walked and shopped a bit at Cath Kidston and took photos of the nearby St.Pancras station.

We then met a previous officemate and friend of my Mom at a Nando’s nearby for lunch.

wings and chips with spicy rice
Peri-peri chicken
Peri-peri chicken with coleslaw and macho peas

I can’t remember now who ordered what but H and I surely tried what each other had (haha, that’s how we do it when trying out food).

Nando’s fame is not for nothing, their menu of succulent chicken pieces served with 2 side dishes you can choose from are also easy on the pocket. Nando’s also offer steak, wraps, vegetarian options, burgers, pitas, and I glanced on coffees as well. ^_^ We went home with some gifts from Ate – to munch on when we get late to the hotel again.

gifts from ate Gie
phone charging and warming up
T, tea?
Sherlock fan!

We were able to find Speedy’s – the sandwich bar that is beside the supposed door of 221b Baker Street, Sherlocks’ apartment. But it’s to be found in North Gower Street since 221b Baker Street houses the Sherlock museum. It was sadly a few minutes closed already when we arrived.

Like I mentioned, I can’t remember the sequence as to what we ate the whole trip so at some point, we dined here and there but I can’t find photos (I transferred everything already to the external drive – in chaos). Walking around London is both refreshing and tiring, that’s a given to any big city. The trains could also be full at times so it adds to the build up of exhaustion, not nearly though. Good thing, train stations have grocery stores and smaller restaurants where you can grab food and then go. The first photo on this post is High street Kensington, I got a smoothie from one of the side food shops and off to Sherlock Museum and Regent Park we go.

The Ramones
hard rock legendary burger
Hard Rock’s legendary burger and loaded potatoes

Our last dinner was at the Hard Rock Café, in the city where the very first one opened in Picadilly in 1972. As with other Hard Rock Café branches, guitars of famous bands hung on the walls.

There’s a relatively long wait time, it’s best to reserve a seat even if you are arriving in less than an hour. The souvenir shop is opposite the restaurant, but I was hungry that I didn’t opt to go and buy. Reason that I missed a charm bracelet for my collection (a friend bought me it at one point). We simply had potato fritters – filled with cheese, bacon and chives and sour cream on the side. Then the legendary burger, juicy 1/2-lb burger topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, golden fried onion ring, crisp lettuce, braised mushrooms,  caramelized onions and vine-ripened tomato. It was really huge! Ö

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Kensington High Street station, Kensington

Nando’s – 12-16 York Way, Kings Cross

Starbucks – 19 Old Brompton Road, Kensington

Starbucks – Riverside, Tower Bridge

Hard Rock Café – 150 Old Park Lane

Speedy’s Sandwich bar – 187 North Gower Street