Thank God it’s Friday – on a Thursday…


No winter is complete without experiencing Vienna’s biggest iceskating rink! As long as we have our thermo-gloves on, we’re good to go. The cityhall is filled with stalls selling treats, hot chocolate, coffee and teas and all the hot goodness to give you warmth as you move about on icy grounds.

So off we go to the big rink, Wiener Eistraum…or Vienna’s Icedream (Wiener Eistraum, click for more). It is a yearly event transforming Vienna’s cityhall grounds into a massive ice skating rink open to the public.

chilly vienna
Chilly afternoon

Last Thursday, we went with a friend and her family to enjoy the ice. Three hours of cold could prove too much for our hands even with gloves on. Even with hot chocolate and cappuccino, we gave up!

We tagged along dining at T.G.I.Friday’s, as my friend would like to treat their daughter after the first school term for really good grades.

kids skating, wiener eistraum
Customary pose

There are a lot of American restaurants in Vienna nowadays and I’m still in the process of visiting each. 😀 (That’s when I get back to the diet of eating a lot of meat). This particular branch is very in demand, one has to reserve seats weeks before. Situated at Vienna’s center, the restaurant can be reached by a number of trams passing by or walking from the train station Karlsplatz and viewing a mix of old and modern architecture blending together.

foggy night
This foggy night.

I’ve already forgotten the menu offered on certain T.G.I.Friday’s branches back home, in Manila but I remember them to have never been disappointing. This branch is the same, great steak, yummy ribs, awesome burgers (no photo) and crunchy calamari were served generously.

waiting for food

The baby back ribs were tasty, finger-licking good! Served with french fries and coleslaw (no rice around here ^_^ ), the size of it is enough for two people to burp!

Baby backribs

The steak cooked medium rare was a pleasure to bit on. It was served with mashed potato with parsley and gravy.

fine steak

I shared the calamari with my youngest, with my bigger boy picking some from our plates. He loved his burger but really liked the crunch calamari. Served with tartar sauce, it proved all too much for us with small appetites.


T.G.I.Friday’s will always be a favorite. I look forward to dining there every time I get invited or when I myself gets a reservation. It’s sometimes a bit forgetful of me to call. 😀

T.G.I Friday’s



T.G.I. Friday’s, Schubertring,

Vienna, Austria
 +43 1 7148995