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One of the more charming districts in Vienna I don’t get to explore as often as the first is Gersthof, the 18th. It has a lot of little stores selling trinkets and whatnots, it’s quieter than the usually busy streets of other districts. When I dine in one of the restaurants there, my day gets better having had good food with good company.

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little shops and pots

The recent trip there was no different. It was a summer lunch all too perfect…(but probably too much). I went with a friend around 11:30, a bit early for the usual patrons so we were the first to arrive. We were seated on a table for two just where we could see the food being prepared…sweet! A handsome cook and a friendly looking lady were there, carefully crafting our plates. We had each a four-course meal waiting to be devoured.

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That cozy feel to it.


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We were served a basket of bread while waiting along with our ordered mango juice. The appetizers came shortly and it was already a promising a start. A plate of cheese, grilled eggplant, tomato, zucchini, dried tomatoes and some shrimps already made me feel full even when there was still a lot left on my plate. My friend and I were exchanging a lot of banters while finishing the appetizers and dared if we could actually finish all the meal.



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Our second plates were consisted of gnocchis on preferred sauce, I had tomato based sauce while my friend had cheese. It looks very little on the photo but they were big servings. I forked some from the other plate and liked both. No competition on which sauce is better. 😀 The gooey cheese on gnocchi though is very entertaining for cheese-lover me.

Our dare seems to be a loss now for me…lol. I couldn’t even finish all this dish, no matter  how good it was.

Grilled seafood platter
Grilled seafood platter

The next platter came, a humongous dish of grilled seafood and vegetables, particularly potatoes and bits more. There’s salmon, halibut, shrimp, squid and butterfish. This was the best,  I would say, part of the meal…well, that is if we were able to finish off dessert. Fish is like my favorite of all meats, that’s why the claim.

Like what was previously mentioned, my day gets better after having dined in one of the restaurants at Vienna’s Gersthof, that day I had a wider smile on my face….and also because I took home the tiramisu we were supposed to have for dessert, it was snacked on later that day. Yummy!

mango juice
Mango juice


Trattoria Ristorante Spumante

Gersthoferstrasse 71

1180 Wien

Telefon Telefon: 01 4791138