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Another city I explored on my ten-day-being-away-from-hubby was Nuremberg. It’s not my first time there, it is in fact a city I’ve often been to but, I always go about with the whole family. This time, going about alone, I searched for Albrecht Dürer’s house by myself…one on my bucket list for 12 years now and one that has finally been crossed out. ^_^

Wandering about in Nuremberg


Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano. He who goes softly, goes safely; who goes safely, goes far…or go slow and you will reach your goals, safely. Simply put: slowly but surely (according to an Italian friend.) I don’t really see the connection of this proverb with food but, it is the tagline of a big chain of an Italian restaurant, Vapiano. On their website though, it says: According to an Italian proverb, “If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live more healthily and longer”.  Vapiano is actually German-owned, serves made-to-order Italian dishes – they will cook your food in front of you and you can pick from fresh herbs they grow on site and from pasta made straight from the machine…

they make pasta!

Freshly made Pasta

I always try to watch how they make pasta (just a bit) whenever I dine at one of their branches. These ones are in Nuremberg, very near the St. Lorenz church. Like their other branches, they have these cute scribbles with funny quotations, memorable movie quotes and sometimes life lessons done in chalk on boards. I try to enjoy each of these pieces of art whenever I wait in line or for my food.

Vapiano has a different system of dining, so to say. Upon entering the premises, customers are greeted at the counter and are given each an RFID chip card. You swipe the card upon ordering food and drink and then you hand it back at the counter before exiting to pay.

mi aiuti un po con mio libro di ricette? (help me a bit with my cookbook?)
basil on my table
olive oil and company near me

Watching Your Food Being Cooked

The cooks will make you choose your pasta, all pre-packed to serving sizes, when you order. There’s a menu, alright, but you have the choice of mixing and matching the sauces as well as adding additional flavors to your dish. For starters, you’d be asked if you’d like garlic with your olive oil…and upon plating you will be asked if you would like cheese – different for each too as ricotta, parmigiano and the likes.

Seating as You Like

They also have different seating arranged in the restaurants. Barstool high wooden chairs and tables, cozy sofa sets and even al fresco are available. Most of the tables have different herbs on them you can enhance your food with. I always pick a table with basil on it.  ^_^

Pasta of Your Choice

In Nuremberg, I had Salvia on Campanelle (below photo). Campanelle are mini pasta tubes shaped like bells, campana being bell while salvia is sage. There’s semi-dried tomatoes, sage of course, feta cheese and olive oil. I opt to have it topped with parmigiano being the cheese-lover that I am. ^_^ Fresh sage goes so good with feta, this dish is a real winner for me! Vapiano servings might be too big for a little person like me so if you ever get to dine there, consider the portion sizes.

Salvia on Campanelle

Closer to home, the branch that I get to visit more would be at the newly opened mall at Vienna’s central district. It is one of the biggest among their chains and I could sit comfortably to myself whenever I dine. It’s also conveniently accessible, what with the train station Landstrasse just below the mall. Funny that on the many occasions I was here, I never took a photo of the whole or the outside. ^_^

I have had many dishes in this particular branch and I could only say that each and every one of them is worth a bite, what’s with all the freshest ingredients and those would you not love?

garlic and companyLove fresh herbs...

Patrick asked: ricotta? I answered “yes please!”
There, a mountain of ricotta! (on Pomodoro)

waiting in line (top – black boards and doodles)

Then there’s Vapiano’s coziest joint at Vienna’s shopping district, particularly at Theobaldgasse. I always take the scenic route finding this particular branch – snapping pretty corners as I go. Well worth it too coz I’d be so tired (I always go on foot, walking about 20 minutes or so ^_^ )…I’d be d*mn hungry whenever I’m there – I feel I could finally finish a biggie serving! (Unfortunately though, I still couldn’t …eheheh).

This Vapiano branch’s dessert station is a must try too! Offering Italian dolci, you can either sit comfortably while working (lappy please) or take your treat home too. Panna cotta, rice pudding, tiramisu, cheesecakes, crema di fragola and death by chocolate along with a handful flavors of ice cream and Italian pastries are waiting for sweet toothed diners.

dessert station
Dessert Station
Granchi di Fiume
Granchi di Fiume – with linguine

The last time I dined at Vapiano I had Granchi di Fiume on linguine. That’s crayfish and vegetables in a Vapiano lobster sauce. The pasta may look overcooked – I think it’s given since it was cooked directly after being made but I would have loved it al dente but, I won’t really complain much as taste-wise, it’s yummy and one of the dishes I would have again and again.

Theobaldgasse 19, 1060 Wien

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1. Königstraße 17, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany
+49 911 2146330

2. Landstrasser Hauptstr. 1b, 1030 Vienna, Austria

3.Theobaldgasse 19, 1060 Vienna, Austria
+43 01 5811212